Combining 3 sports into 1 event can seem crazy and a bit intimidating, I hear ya! But it doesn’t have to be. If you’ve dipped your toe into the world of triathlon already by either doing a try-a-tri, sprint or even Olympic distance race, then consider taking it a step further by taking on the 70.3 distance. Being able to cross the finish line is a huge accomplishment in itself, and even more so is knowing your fitness so well that you can go into a race with confidence and even predict your finishing time - imagine!! That is my objective here with my 70.3 Training Plan. I want to remove fear and help athletes go into race day with excited nervous energy, pride and confidence. To help achieve this, I include fitness tests throughout the 16 week program to help athletes evaluate their progress and set a realistic pace for race day. And because the workouts are structured to include various levels of effort (tempo, threshold, hills, speed, etc), athletes can practice specific paces in training to know before race day how their bodies will likely respond and perform. Read on to learn more and see if this program is for you;)

Ironman 70.3 Training Plan

Length: 16 Weeks (broken up into 4 blocks)

  • PDF: A document that gives you an overview of the entire program approach, guidance on how to approach the workouts, FAQ, and more.

  • Microsoft Excel (x2):

    One document that outlines all of your detailed workouts with a hyperlink to the workout videos for most of the Tempo & Threshold bike workouts. There is a tab for each training block (4 weeks each) that is ready to be printed and put up on the fridge:)

    Another document that includes the Zone Calculator for each of the disciplines (swimming, biking and running). These calculators help determine your training zones so that you can perform each workout in the assigned heart rate or target pace, even as your fitness improves!

Typical Week: 1 x Brick (long bike + short run), 1 x Tempo on the Bike, 1 x Threshold on the Bike, 1 x Track/Tempo Run (alternating each week), 1 x Long/Fartlek Run (alternating each week), 2 x Swim, 1-2 x Strength Training, and 1 Off Day
Fitness Level: Must be able to bike and run for 40+ minutes already, and swim 800m

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