Taking a lesson from my little one

Kids have the most incredible energy and imagination.  As a parent I am driven to ensure that my girls always think outside the box, embrace their imagination and create create create!

My little one is now creating a “playground” in our living room with the couch, pillows and any piece of furniture she can get her hands on.  I give her A++ for her creativity that’s for sure!  The seat cushion is now a slide, the smaller cushion mimics a trampoline, and so on. 

And because she watches what I do with my cycling videos, she’s now making up her own exercises and dance routines in this playground of hers for her imaginary friends to do with her. 

I like to step away so that I can just peek and observe her from afar (the kitchen lol).  It warms my heart to see her imagination run wild.  In this world she has herself as a leader, a teacher to help others learn.  She is assertive, confident and ambitious.  I couldn’t ask more of my little girl, and will do everything in my power to make sure she always sees this side of her.   

And as I watch her explore, create, imagine and build, I can’t help but challenge myself to do the same.  We should all take a step back and look at our every day lives to ask ourselves two very simple questions:

  • What makes me happy (it can’t be materialistic)? 
  • Do I get the opportunity to create something new each day? 

For the week ahead I am going to take notes on myself...when do I find that I am the happiest...what am I creating that is new each day (and it can’t be Chef’s Plate LOL).

I encourage you to do the same.  You might learn something new about yourself and five life to a talent or skill you had back in childhood:)

Until next time,