Guilt-free at a young age

Have you ever seen a child eat candy?  Most, if not all, enjoy candy with absolutely no guilt.  We could learn so many things from kids!

While I know sugar has no nutritional benefit, I do think it’s important for me as a mom to help my children eat guilt-free and learn their own balance through education.  It’s absolutely ok to enjoy treats here and there, all in moderation of course.  And to me this can be done while educating the child/children on all the wonderful things that nutritious foods offer too.  Educating them on how our bones need calcium to be strong so that we can play on the monkey bars, or how our brains need nutrients so that we can learn all the wonderful new things at school, etc. 

Kids will eventually make their own decisions and hopefully they’ll be educated enough to eat and enjoy the greasy pepperoni pizza and sugar-filled cupcakes but balance it out with more nutritious foods either before or after.  It won’t be about guilt but rather about feeding the body a well balanced diet so that he/she can be physically and mentally capable of doing all the things they love!

And having been on the negative side of this where I myself felt huge guilt for eating certain foods and ended up purging, I know that this won’t be any easy task.  This is my initial approach and I’m trying to make it fun for my girls by involving them in the cooking process as well as educating them along the way.

I’m sure it will evolve as time goes on;)

How have you or do you currently approach this with your kids?  I’d love to hear other approaches too! 

Until next time, 


Laura Sanhueza-MillerComment