Mom Guilt

For me, mom guilt is real. And it’s only become more apparent for me as a mother of two.

My specific challenges are around balancing alone time with Mia (my eldest). Since I’m on maternity leave I can easily fit in quality time with Baby A. We always get in great snuggles and play time each day between house activities (like grocery shopping, laundry, etc.) and my 45-60 min workout. But time flies by and before I know it I’m rushing to pack our things up so that we can jump in the car and head to day care pick up for 3:30 pm. And yes I am very aware of how lucky I am to even have my eldest go to day care right now.

With Mia I 100% feel guilty when we are home after school and I am busy making dinner, or having to feed Avery while Mia asks for me to stand up and dance with her. I catch myself saying “Mia, I’ll join you as soon as I’m done feeding Avery”, or “as soon as I finish making dinner”…heaven forbid if I need to go to the bathroom:S Pure guilt!

Here are a few things I’m doing to help myself address this guilt and make time for my little girl:

1) Leaning on family/friends to watch one child (Avery) while I have a date with the other child (Mia). It feels really freeing when you only have one child to focus on - if she wants me to pick her up with both arms, I can. If she wants me to swing her from the curb onto the grass and run around, I can.

2) Making dinner in advance (it’s ok if it has to be heated again) so that I don’t have to be in the kitchen between school pick up and dinner. Instead, I can come home and play right away.

3) Folding laundry directly into their place in each girls room. I used to fold the laundry in advance and then put it in their place in each closet, but instead I just take it upstairs and fold as I put them away - saves even a few minutes which I am happy to get back.

I hope to add more tricks to this list, or hear some great practices from YOU, but for now this is what I’ll start with and keep building on:).

We never stop learning do we!

Until next time,


Laura Sanhueza-MillerComment