Look Stylish for Less

I was first introduced to second-hand stores as a young girl and always enjoyed going with my mom to find “new” things for me to wear. 

As an adult today, I still choose to go to thrift shops when I can (and I do a lot these days lol).

When I got pregnant I knew my body was going to go through a lot of change, so I headed out to my favorite thrift shop and purchased my entire wardrobe.  From shorts to sweaters, they had it all.  And by taking my time to look through things, I was able to find some real gems that I continue to wear now postpartum.

Never mind the fact that I have a toddler!!  Thrift shops are the BEST when you have a toddler – mostly because they grow so quickly that they outgrow their clothes. 

thrift shop 1.jpg
thrift shop 2.jpg

My oldest goes to Montessori and now has a uniform she wears to school every day.  That means I have to either do laundry every day, or buy enough clothes so that she can go to school in clean clothes (I chose the latter).

Day Care already takes a chunk out of the bank account, never mind having to buy uniforms on top of that (they are SUPER cute thoughJ).  Fortunately there are only some required items that we needed to purchase from the “uniform store”, so I went to a second-hand store to get the rest: 3 x navy blue pants, 2 x navy blue shorts, 1 x navy blue skirt, 2 x collared short-sleeves, 2 x collared long-sleeves, and black shoes.  If I bought that all brand new it would have cost me $310 (on top of the hundreds I spent on the required items).  Since I bought it all second-hand (some with the original tags still on), I only spent $86!!

All in all, I am a huge advocate for second-hand clothes.  Not only can I get a whole season’s worth of clothes for a fraction of the price, but I also feel good by reusing good quality and lightly used clothes.

Are you thrifty?

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