Evolving into a mother of two

I am just under 9 weeks into being a mom of two, and while I love it, it is more tiring than I initially thought (and not because of the sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn).  There are still only 24 hours in a day, but I now have more to do than I did with only 1 child:

Life with 1 child:

  • Feed baby every 1-3 hours

  • Schedule play dates with friends or go to the early year’s center

  • Do a workout while baby naps, or do my workout while a friend watches baby

  • Put baby down at night and go watch some tv to relax with the hubby

  • Only wake up at night when baby needs to feed

  • Make dinner, go grocery shopping, run errands for the adults

Life with 2 children:

On top of everything above….

  • Be “on” with my toddler when it comes to meals, activities before and after school, discipline (reminding her to say “please”), etc.  I am also trying to teach her Spanish, so I am making a big effort in having her repeat things to me in Spanish (she starts with English of course).

  • Stay on top of school reminders, activities and requirements

  • Tidy the house after chaotic mornings and afternoons

  • Run errands for my toddler (make sure she has a helmet for skating, tap shoes for dance, etc.)

  • Pick my toddler up from school at 3:30pm

  • Double up on bedtime routine: the hubby will take one kid while I take the other, but both end up wanting only me at one point :S

  • Etc.

Fortunately, Baby A is super chill, showing off her strength during tummy time and winning hearts everywhere with her big grey blue eyes.  And as for her big sis Mia? Well, she is quite smitten with her little sis (thank goodness).  Mia always wants to give her kisses, pet her head, give her milk from the bottle, and snuggle.

So having Mia “accept” her little sis has definitely made the transition easier for me.  And it helped that I already knew what to expect with a newborn, so nothing with Baby A came to me as a surprise: sleep deprivation was expected! 

FYI - In a separate post I share some amazing tips and guidance on how to best prepare an only-child for “siblinghood” (is that a word? lol).  The tips I share come from personal experience as well as from many friends and family.  Click HERE to check out that post.

So how do I manage two kids with all the expectations and needs listed above?  Here are some of the things that have helped me stay sane:

  • I still take Mia (2yrs 10months), to day care.  This means I get 1:1 time with Baby A during the day, can take a nap if needed, make snacks, workout, etc.  To make this happen without me stressing over finances, I was on a strict weekly allowance before Baby A was born.  I avoided any extra spending and my hubby and I put that directly into the “day care” fund (something like that).

  • I have support from my husband to parent (and help in the evenings when I feel like a zombie), and from both my in-laws and my parents to watch either daughter when needed.

  • I ensure that I squeeze in “me” time every day (!) – whether it’s in sport, the arts, relaxing, etc.

  • AND I’m on maternity leave, taking between 10-12 months off before going back to my corporate career.

While this is my reality right now, it will change within the year as I have to figure out how my hubby and I will manage when I go back to work (and I travel for work too).  But that’s all part of this fun adventure called life!  I had two weeks where I was fully on my own during the days (6am-6pm) and I was drained.

So is two tiring?  Yes!  Am I still sleep deprived? Absolutely.   But being able to hold my two girls in my arms is priceless – they are my world and truly complete me.

Are you a parent of two or more kids? Did you find the transition more demanding on your time too?

Until next time,


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