Parenthood. Shifting Priorities.

It’s exhausting being “everything” to “everyone”, never mind trying to do things for yourself to keep your own individual identity!  I get it and I’ve been there, trust me.

It’s only thanks to the support of my husband and extended family that last year I was able to find balance between my family, corporate position, and marathon training.  In the end I found that was successful because I was able to potty train my toddler (only child at the time), lead a high performing team at work, and qualify for the Boston Marathon. 

Fast forward to today, I now have 2 kids, am on maternity leave pursuing an Ironman 70.3 personal best, and re-launching my website with more content and offerings.  While this feels manageable right now, I am scared about how I’ll be able to do it all when I go back to work next summer….

We parents, especially mothers I think, put a lot of pressure on ourselves to “do it all”. 

I wrote in a recent Instagram post that you CAN do it all, but just not all at the same time;)  The one thing though that I always want to be my best at is being a mother to my two girls – that will never take a back seat!

So what’s left: being a good wife, family member, friend, employee and athlete.

When I look at this list, the things that I need to evaluate are friendships, work and athletic participation.  You might be in the same boat.  So what can we ask ourselves?

-          What (and who) do I absolutely need in my life to be happy and fulfilled

-          Does my work satisfy my needs and help me grow into what or who I want to be?

-          Are my friendships lifelong, genuine and supportive?

-          Do I need to do that _____ race or qualify for ______?

As an example, I’ll answer the last question for you here…

If you know me, you know I absolutely want to do another Ironman and improve on my speed.  Having done one already, I know how demanding Ironman training is (both time consuming and demanding on your body).  So instead of pursuing another Ironman, perhaps I look at another marathon, or just focus on improving my speed over shorter distances.  Although it’s not my top choice, I have options that can still satisfy my craving for athletic growth.

And as you likely know, things change over time too.  While I may be balancing these things listed above now, the list will change as my girls get older and I get involved with their chosen activities.

If you are finding the same challenges, I strongly encourage you to go through the same exercise to evaluate the things you have in your life and what takes priority;)

Until next time,


Laura Sanhueza-MillerComment