Cashew Milk

Cashews are so versatile.  They’re great for snacking on, adding to Asian dishes, mixing with basil and garlic to make a creamy pesto, and for also making a delicious nut milk!

This easy-to-make recipe will make cashews a staple in your house soon enough;).

And since cashews contain healthy fats that help lower cholesterol levels and keep your heart healthy, I don’t feel guilty about keeping a stash in the cupboard at all times.  I love to drink it on its own, with cereal, in oatmeal, with coffee, the list goes on!  All in moderation of course 😉.


* 1 cup raw unsalted cashews (have them soak in water in advance for a minimum of 2 hours)

* 1-2 dates (depends on how sweet you like the milk) 

* 1 tsp vanilla extract

* 1 dash cinnamon

* 1 pinch of salt

* 3.5 cups of water


Step 1.  Soak the cashews in water in advance. 

Step 2. Once drained, place the cashews in a blender or food processor with the remaining ingredients: date(s), vanilla extract, cinnamon and salt.  

Step 3.  Add 3.5 Cups of water.

Step 4. Blend or process all of the ingredients until smooth.

Step 5.  Pour mixture into a jar, seal tight and keep in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Step 6.  Serve and enjoy! 


Until next time,