5 Ways to Sweat It Up as a Busy Parent

Carrying my 32lb toddler in one arm and carrying a car seat with my 2 month old inside with the other arm is now part of my strength training program LOL.  Ok, maybe not “officially” but it’s a great way to develop or keep arm muscle.  I know many of you mamas out there know what I mean;).

And if you’ve followed my fitness journey to date, you likely know that I love to incorporate my littles into my workouts.  My eldest, Mia, actually loves to make up and lead her own strength training workouts!

I know that this isn’t the case for everyone, and so I’ve listed some tips below that could help you squeeze in a sweat session with or without your little one(s):

  1. If you don’t have someone around to help care for your child, I suggest that you set up a play or arts & crafts station close by.  If your child isn’t into joining you for the workout, then he/she can keep busy with the station you set up.  You can also pre-cut some fruit or get some snacks for your little one to enjoy once he/she is done as well.  TV is also an option.

  2. Have to take your child to school?  This is your opportunity to sweat.  Invest in a running and/or cycling stroller that you can take your child around in.  You can buy something brand new or used!  Walking your child to school is also another great way to be active!  Now that I have two children, I have invested in a double running/cycling chariot and plan to get my butt kicked when I have to push them both around:)

  3. If you have a child in an after school program that doesn’t require you to be present, then use this time to go to a green space nearby (or even the parking lot) and perform some stretches or bodyweight exercises.  You can also go for a run in the area until the class is done.

  4. If your child still naps, then you can a) nap too, or b) use this time to do stretches, bodyweight exercises, or whatever other activity you can do while staying nearby.

  5. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help!  After giving birth to my first, I started my Ironman training program.  This required me to lean on others for help because I couldn’t bring my baby to the pool and just have her hang out all by herself.  I am not afraid to ask for help again now with my second postpartum journey.  I won’t take advantage of it, but when I know I have a hard workout, or need to get to the pool,  I will plan in advance and see if I can ask a family member or friend to  help out.  I usually like to do my workouts during the day because I save the evenings for family (unless everyone gets to bed early), and I simply don’t have the same energy I did before when I only had 1 child.  When I’m back to work though I won’t have the days as free as I do now, so I’ll have to find time first thing in the morning before everyone wakes, or late in the evening.  For me it’s worth making the time!


If you travel for work, you can workout in your hotel room, take it to the hotel gym, or scout some local studios to try something new (such as yoga, spin, strength, etc.).  If you happen to go to the same place on a regular basis, then you can choose a new studio each time or get a pass of sorts to go to one you like more often.  I did this for every single one of my work trips to the US this past year and loved it!

making time to work out.jpg

Because time is limited for many of us, I’ve created full bodyweight workouts in which one circuit can be completed in 10 minutes or less and help you develop overall strength, balance and coordination.  If you end up finding more time, then you can do two sets…and if you get even MORE time, well then heck, do three or four :). I share two options:

  1. 10 Minute Full Body Circuit: click HERE to see video

    • Perform this circuit on its own or 3-4 times through with 1 Minute rest between rounds.  You’ll work up a sweat and further develop your balance and coordination while you’re at it 💪.

  2. 8 Exercise Circuit using Baby Wrap: click HERE to see video

    • I use the Moby Wrap to Keep my hands free for any multitasking I need to do: dishes, laundry, walking with no stroller, and even working out!  Perform this circuit on its own or 3-4 times through with 1 Minute rest between rounds.  Love your mom bod Mamas ❤️.

Would love to hear if you try any of the tips and how they work for you!

Until next time,


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