10 Essential Recovery Strategies

There are several recovery strategies out there.  Here are 10 that I encourage you to explore.  While the overall objective is to use these strategies to help your muscles stay healthy and as injury-free as possible, many people have health issues or chronic injuries that will need additional support and help of a healthcare professional. 

Do what you can and get into a routine where you feel supported, strong and healthy :)

Before Activity:

During Activity

After Activity:

Based on the above, here are my personal favourites:

  • Prepare a recovery smoothie in advance

  • Wear compression socks or calf sleeves during long or hard workouts, AND wear a clean pair after the workout as well for a few hours.

  • After a workout, take a hot/cold shower (after warming yourself up in the shower, alternate between 3 min hot and 1 min cold).  While in the shower I perform hip flexor, calf, quad and glute stretches – hold for 15-20 seconds each.  I don’t typically reach the ideal 30 seconds, but will continue to make it a goal as I improve time management with two kids;)

Are any of these new to you and will you consider exploring one before your next race?

Until next time,


Laura Sanhueza-Miller