Let's talk road safety!


Road Safety.  It's a very serious topic and one that we should all discuss and be mindful of.

I absolutely love grabbing my bike and hitting the road to go fast and feel the wind in my hair (underneath my helmet of course) ;).  While I am very comfortable and confident cycling, I know that there are variables I can't always control that could hinder my safety on the road: cars, pedestrians, gravel, other cyclists, etc.

So, it's without question that I jumped at the opportunity to partner with Onlia to support and promote their safety movement.  I love what this new digital insurance company is doing - they are sparking a conversation about how we can collectively adopt safer practices bringing to light issues that as a cyclist, I see every day. With a goal of making our roads safer, they’re taking action to raise safety awareness in our communities one ride at a time.

On Thursday March 7th, I took part in one of their community events in Toronto called, "Light Up The Night".  Along with other avid cyclists and influencers, we came together at Switchback Cyclery for a night ride. We installed bright pink and blue lights on our bikes to ride the streets of Riverside and light up the night!  It was cold, but that didn't hold us back from raising awareness for such an important cause.  We were seen by everyone and it was so encouraging to have pedestrians cheer us along and for cars to take notice and safely drive around us.

Click below to see some great footage captured from that night:

Tips for Cycling Safety:

* Light up your bike so that you can be seen

* Wear a helmet

* Wear bright and reflective clothing

* Use a headlight (to go around your helmet) to see your path at night...see that pot hole before you find yourself over the handlebars)

* Know and obey traffic rules

* Use hand signals when turning

* Be aware of parked cars and the chance that doors may open

Whether you are a driver, pedestrian or cyclist, I encourage you to spread the word and practice as many safety measures as possible to ensure that you are keeping yourself and others safe on our roads.

Be sure to check out Onlia.ca and learn more about their safety movement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!