Strength Training for Full Marathon

Strength Training for Full Marathon


Format: PDF document
Length: 12 weeks of work (4 Blocks, each made up of 3 weeks of Strength Training and 1 week Off)
Typical Week: 2 Strength Training Days
Longest Workout: Day 1 ranges between 35-40 minutes; Day 2 ranges between 45-50 minutes (includes warm up and cool down)

Other Notes

  • The IRONMOM Strength Training Plan focuses on strengthening your deep core and stabilizing muscles, helping you develop greater balance and coordination needed for running strong. 

  • While the IRONMOM Strength Training Plan 2.0 is best partnered with the IRONMOM iM Training Plan, it can be purchased separately for athletes who choose to follow a separate running program or just want to develop overall strength, balance and coordination.

  • All exercises have you use your bodyweight as “weight”, but you can definitely add actual weights into the program at your discretion.

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